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Demeter Design - Garden Design Cambridge

Design and Consultation

So often gardens are the forgotten space around the house offering very little visual or sensual interest. At Demeter Design we design outside spaces that make you want to use them, add visual impact and provide interesting and practical solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizesGardens can be designed so that the actual work can be done in stages over a period of time or be completed in one phase. Once the design is completed not only will you enjoy the new spaces that it has created but it will have added value to your property.


How this works:        

1. Consultation – The first stage to achieving your dream garden is an initial consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve from your new garden design and to discuss options and budgets.  

2. Site survey – Before any design work can begin, the garden would need to be accurately measured.  

3. Concept / sketch plans – Based on the consultation and brief we will work up scaled sketch plans showing several different design concepts.  

4. Working drawings –  After the presentation of the concept plans any adjustments are made and final tweaking can be done to produce a detailed plan from which your garden can be constructed.  

5. Construction – The construction can be done in phases or completed in one go.

Every garden is different but as a rough guide small garden sketch plans can start from as little as £250.00 plus VAT.